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Aaditya Vaze, Cayden Pierce & others
2022 - Present
My role
ML and Android Engineer | XR Concept & UX Designer​​​​​​
The Wearable Intelligence System (WIS) is the homepage for your smart glasses with a host of built-in apps, voice controls, always available HUD information, an app launcher, and more. The WIS makes building smart glasses applications easy. There are a number of powerful and fashionable smart glasses being released (2022-24), and the WIS gives you an interface and apps to make those glasses useful. The WIS is like your phone's home screen or computer desktop combined with an intelligent assistant.

Making humans smarter

Tools for Android Smartglasses
and working on many more...

Beta release demo

We are looking for smart glass geeks to help us build the Wearable Intelligence System. 
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