Mar 2022
Unity and Oculus Integration SDK
Assignment for Experiences and Interfaces @ OCAD University
This app enables users to transport to different worlds by simply moving around in their homes. For this experiment, A virtual chair was set up in a room that had a medieval look mapped to a real chair. Once the user sat on that chair they were transported to a medieval world. The user returns back to the original room as soon as they get up from the chair or move around the room. The idea of this experiment extends to using different virtual objects anchored with real objects that enable you to interact as well as see the object like bed/desk/chair etc. and modify the room around you to become a virtual space that is contextual to your location.
Prototype screenshots

Oculus Passthrough screenshot | Object Spatial anchor

FPV Vintage World after sitting on chair

Use Cases

Bed →   The user goes to sleep on a bed and the room becomes a starry night sky
Desk → User goes to work at the desk and the room becomes a jungle
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