Aaditya Vaze


Since my schooldays, I have loved to analyze new concepts, explore them on my own before I integrate it with my previous learnings. My synergic interests, namely Design, Computer Science have helped me develop an open-minded, creative and a multidimensional perspective. Launching my entrepreneurial ventures; Pixelworks and AcousFit, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with people from the diverse professions which helped me in developing my decisive, cooperative and leadership skills. I have built a robust foundation in programming knowledge and skills after completing my disciplinary courses and developing Android applications. Designing Brand Identities, User interfaces and Digital Art for the past 3 years, I have gained experience in InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, XD and After Effects. I have merged the plurality of my passions into the field of UI Design and retained enough flexibility to explore new ideas. In the pursuit of designing and developing innovative applications, I am intrigued to study and explore UI Design further and develop something unique. Most of what I've learnt in the field of design is through self-learning and the constant desire to explore the related fields such as photography and sketching has added to my creativity. I have worked for some UI Design projects for firms across India, so now to develop this skill further I want an industrial exposure in this field. Working with such a humble and talented team with an exposure to such engaging projects at Digital Natives, and being so passionate about designing, I am fully committed to making full use of the opportunity coming my way.